Clarence (Andy) Felong:

Andy has more than 25 years experience in software development, IT, quality assurance, operations and management. He is currently semi-retired, consulting, remodeling a house and working on Open Source Projects.  He was most recently Vice President of Engineering at Agile Mind, a SaaS educational software company.  Previously, he was CTO and Vice President of Advanced Technology at Walmart.com where he and his team were responsible for the end-to-end eCommerce platform architecture and particularly for ensuring that it was scalable, available and secure. Andy was CTO and Vice President of Engineering at internet start-up more.com, where he was responsible for integrating business systems, including supply chain management, customer relationship management, and data warehouses with more.com’s web portal. At Oracle Corporation, Andy was Vice President of the Internet Applications Division, with responsibility for technology management of eCommerce, Collaboration, Web Portals and Document Management. He also spent eight years at Apple Computer in a variety of capacities ranging from managing software development for the original PowerBooks to being Senior Director of Communications and Collaboration Technologies, which included responsibility for Apple’s collaborative learning products. Andy began his career writing real-time imaging software for Voyager Spacecraft at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is an active contributor to the Open Source community.

From Andy:

I have been interested in mobile computing and small computers (in all guises) for some time. I purchased an original NEC PC8201A (TRS-80 Model 100). I worked at Apple Computer on software for the original PowerBooks and worked on innovative software and hardware for pen based computing at Go Corporation. I am an early adapter of all things related to iOS including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.  You can view my “museum” of portable computers here.

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