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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for MathTerms?

MathTerms will run on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.4 or newer.

Where can I get MathTerms for iPhone or iPad?

You can get the free MathTerms app from the Apple App Store. You can search for “MathTerms” in the “App Store” app on your device and download.

Is MathTerms available for Android?

No, MathTerms is a native iOS app that only runs on iPhone and iPad.

Does MathTerms need a login or internet connection?

No, MathTerms does not require a cellular or WiFi connection as it is completely self-contained and can be run with no login or network access.

What grade levels are supported?

MathTerms is oriented around middle-school (grades 6-8) and high-school (grades 9-12) mathematics including geometry and algebra.

Can you turn-off audio pronunciations?

Yes, you can hide the audio play buttons by going to the “Options” page and setting the toggle for “Speech Button in Lists” option to off.

What does the “Spanish below English” option do?

This option enables the display of Spanish terms under the English terms in the English term list. It also enables display of Spanish definitions under English definitions and in the display of Quiz Items.

Is there an option to display only Spanish or change which language is shown on top/bottom of views?

No, the glossary is primarily aimed at mathematics being taught in English. The intent is also to assist English Language Learners. Spanish speakers certainly can use the app with Spanish as the focus.

How does “Search” or “Buscar” work?

You tap in the “Search” (or “Buscar”) text field to bring-up the on-screen keyboard – or enable a connected keyboard. As you enter characters, you will see a real-time search list. Tapping the “x” will cancel the current search and will return to displaying all terms in the list. “Cancel” will not reset the current search but will hide the keyboard. You may need to tap the Search text field and enter a character to enable the “x” cancel button. This is normal iOS Search behavior.

How do you use the “Quiz” function?

After you have selected terms using the “Quiz Term” checkbox found in the upper-right corner of definition pages, you can quiz yourself on these items in a manner very similar to flash-cards. You first need to select terms that you want to learn. In the definition display, tap the “quiz item” checkbox to select or clear the term. After you have selected terms, you should see a small blue checkmark icon next to the term in term lists. Tap on “Quiz” tab icon at the bottom of the view. You’ll see a blank page with one of your quiz items as the title. You can tap either the “Show it” or “Know it” button. Tapping “Know It” will skip to the next term while tapping “Show It” will reveal the definition. When going to the “Quiz” view, quiz items are randomized in a “smart” fashion. All terms are initially randomized. After all terms have been viewed, they are randomized again. That way, all terms are shown, but not repeated too often.

Are Quiz Terms saved across app launches?

Quiz Terms can be selected or deleted in the definition view by tapping on the “Quiz Term” checkbox. They are saved across app launches but not app deletion. Quiz Terms are indicated with a small blue checkbox icon in list views. All Quiz Terms can be removed by tapping on “Clear Quiz Items” in the “Options” page.

Can you copy, lookup and share content from MathTerms?

Term definitions allow for normal iOS copy, lookup and share operations. Note that math formula formatting will be lost with copy/paste. Images can be copied, shared or saved in Photos. Please remember that content is copyrighted and should not be distributed.

Is pinch for zoom in/out supported?

Yes, pinch in and pinch out are supported gestures. You can also double-tap on a specific element (math, image) to zoom in/out.


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