Appcelerator Titanium 1.7.2 for Android – frustration!

Argh!  I wanted to move my MathTerms app to Android — specifically the Kindle Fire.  OK, I can create a new “term” window and make it look and act like an iPad split/detail window.  Not too hard to do but takes effort to make it look nice and act well.  When I went to read my data from some text and html files, though, everything fell on the floor!  I would get hangs or non-repeatable errors.  Titanium Studio would crash erratically.  MAJOR bummer.  I looked at the Appcelerator community support area – and didn’t find any help — at first.  As my frustration grew and my searches became more desperate, I finally found a well-visited Q&A that mentioned this bug is fixed in a nightly build of 1.7.3.  I wasted *days* on this one stupid bug, with no workaround that I could discern.

I am a paid “indie” developer with Appcelerator but can’t read their master bug list.  What’s up with that?  Finding an acknowledgment of the issue and then the fix was beyond frustrating 😉  I am now back on track and excited again.  I still love like Titanium Studio.

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