MongoDB 3.0.14 binaries for Raspberry Pi 3

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The mongoDB documentation at states that 32-bit binaries are deprecated with release 3.2 and will be unavailable in future releases.  The latest version with 32-bit support (i.e. R-Pi with Raspbian) is 3.0.14 as of March, 2017.  I have compiled MongoDB 3.0.14 for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.  I needed a few tweaks to the build process I used to compile 3.0.9 and associated tools. Use the installation instruction in my previous blog post to install and run MongoDB 3.0.14 on R-Pi.  The only change is to download newer files.  I have compiled MongoDB and Tools with the SSL flag — so the SSL option is available.


You can download a gzip file of the MongoDB core binaries v3.0.14 from here.

md5sum: 46bf23049406f02f5379d1d286a5e4f3  core_mongodb_3_0_14.tar.gz


  • mongo
  • mongod
  • mongoperf
  • mongos

You can download a gzip file of the MongoDB tools v3.0.14 from here.

md5sum: bc1ca8c3346758e338e0490548c6567e  tools_mongodb_3_0_14.tar.gz


  • bsondump
  • mongoexport
  • mongoimport
  • mongorestore
  • mongotop
  • mongodump
  • mongofiles
  • mongooplog
  • mongostat


Installation and use instructions can be found in my previous blog entry: MongoDB 3.0.9 binaries for Raspberry Pi

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