MathTerms now available on Google play store

I *finally* finished my port of MathTerms for “generic” Android devices. I had previously done specific implementations for Amazon Kindle Fire and B&N Nook but now have a version for Android tablets and high-resolution smart phones. I reworked the layout code to detect screen resolution and orientation — to provide better layout and legibility. I also updated a few definitions based upon user feedback

Please check it out and download from Google play.

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  2. started in 2005, has used 1,000 terms to examine the content and their distribution and how they are used in elementary and secondary school student mathematics textbook series. It includes both paper and 2,500 links to online textbook series like CNX, and CK-12 textbook materials (cataloging of the recently being developed Saylor foundation k12math materials are in process).
    I have challenged the CK-12 and Saylor writing teams to produce k-5th grade materials – I provided a basic content outline on what should be in each grade level based on California’s recently adopted k-8th grade math textbook series.
    Jim Kelly
    (a top 5 star rated MERLOT II resource)

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