MathTerms for iPad download spike?

MathTerms ChartI was perusing Apple iOS documentation the other day and thought I’d check my “Sales and Trends” graphs for MathTerms for iPad. Downloads have been pretty flat for the last year as I have not updated or promoted MathTerms 1.x. Much to my surprise, on May 13, 2014, there were over 50,000 downloads!

I consulted Google and Bing to see if I could determine what caused this spike. The only significant event I could find was a mention of MathTerms on Pinterest. SO… I’m not sure if this social media mention was the cause or if it was something else.

In any case, I hope the App is helping students, teachers and/or parents 😉

2 thoughts on “MathTerms for iPad download spike?”

  1. I read a positive summary of your app on on 2014-05-24 entitled “How parents can use the iPad to keep their kids learning this summer.” This was after the peak, though. (Have your app been featured on Geeks With Juniors? They often list really nice apps.)

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