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MathTerms now available on Google play store

I *finally* finished my port of MathTerms for “generic” Android devices. I had previously done specific implementations for Amazon Kindle Fire and B&N Nook but now have a version for Android tablets and high-resolution smart phones. I reworked the layout code to detect screen resolution and orientation — to provide better layout and legibility. I also updated a few definitions based upon user feedback

Please check it out and download from Google play.

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MathTerms for Nook – on the way

Barnes and Noble is preparing an educational apps initiative.  Seemed like a good time to make sure MathTerms works well on the Nook.  I’ve done a bit of updating to the UI and fixed a couple of minor layout issues.  Should be submitted for the Nook Storefront very soon…

MathTerms for the Nook

MathTerms now available in the Amazon AppStore for Android

MathTerms available at Amazon App StoreI finally finished the Android version of MathTerms.  Its my first Android app and I had my challenges learning all-things-android as well as wrestling with different versions of the Appcelerator Titanium SDK.  I spent considerable time ensuring that MathTerms would run well on different resolution tablets.  While primarily intended for the very popular Kindle Fire, I did not want to limit the app.  It does not run well on smaller screen phones, however.  It takes a bit of screen real estate to display glossary entries with images while providing search & browse functions.

Check it out at the Amazon AppStore for Android.  I could use some (good) reviews!

MathTerms coming along for Kindle Fire

MathTerms on Kindle Fire

I’ve been making good progress on porting MathTerms to the Android OS with the goal of running on Amazon’s new Kindle Fire device.  It should also be able to run on the Nook when done — I hope 😉  I have most of the logic and user interface implemented.  Here are a couple of screen shots of the Android emulator running the latest.

Another screenshot can be found after the break…


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Appcelerator Titanium 1.7.2 for Android – frustration!

Argh!  I wanted to move my MathTerms app to Android — specifically the Kindle Fire.  OK, I can create a new “term” window and make it look and act like an iPad split/detail window.  Not too hard to do but takes effort to make it look nice and act well.  When I went to read my data from some text and html files, though, everything fell on the floor!  I would get hangs or non-repeatable errors.  Titanium Studio would crash erratically.  MAJOR bummer.  I looked at the Appcelerator community support area – and didn’t find any help — at first.  As my frustration grew and my searches became more desperate, I finally found a well-visited Q&A that mentioned this bug is fixed in a nightly build of 1.7.3.  I wasted *days* on this one stupid bug, with no workaround that I could discern.

I am a paid “indie” developer with Appcelerator but can’t read their master bug list.  What’s up with that?  Finding an acknowledgment of the issue and then the fix was beyond frustrating 😉  I am now back on track and excited again.  I still love like Titanium Studio.